Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blacklight Retribution MMOFPS Review

Blacklight Retribution is a Free-To-Play MMOFPS published by Perfect World Productions. The game went into open beta on February 27, 2012. The game has some extremely high graphic options considering its Free-To-Play.
Blacklight Retribution has the option to run in directx 11, an option not commonly found in free-to-play games these days. Retribution has a unique character and weapon customization system, with the option to fully customize and personalize your guns down to the stock. All of this customization is viewed in a rotatable 3D model so you can give praise to your gun in all its glory.
 Blacklight adds something to new customization with the option to add weapon tags to your gun. Weapon tags are obtained through the games achievement system and shapes of the tags very from a demon hood ornament to a winged skull keychain.
Retributions sprinting and aiming mechanics are smooth and accurate, and rarely clunky. Blacklights mechanics also include the use of HRV or Hyper Reality Visor, which highlights objectives and enemys for a short period of time, while allowing the user to see through all barriers.
For an open beta release, Blacklight Retribution is a game you might want to check out after you get over this years other Free-to-Play titles.

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